Exclusive Ingredients

Seawater and seaweeds are in perfect harmony with our skin. Their minerals and marine trace elements spread by osmosis and activate oxygenation and cell communication. This remarkable affinity maintains the dynamic balance of the epidermis and delivers all the vital micronutrients to recover a sound skin. Through unique processes of transformation and extraction, THALION Laboratories bring all the benefits of the sea in exceptional treatments.

Microspheres encapsulating marine active ingredients that are delivered at the heart of the epidermis cells for a better efficiency.

Genuine concentrate of partially unsalted seawater. Exceptionally full of magnesium, minerals and marine trace elements it regenerates and revitalizes.

Concentrated in polysaccharids and oligopolysaccharids from brown seaweeds, this ingredient creates a real protection for the skin and a strong moisture reserve.

Active ingredient full of carraghenanes, it ensures a double regenerating and anti-ageing action by stimulating the synthesis of collagen.

Biomimetic vectors of seaweeds extracts, especially designed to normalize the flow of sebum and recover a sound skin.

Ultra concentrated seaweed extract 100% natural, equally efficient to remineralize and sculpt the figure.