Discover the rituals

Anti Jet-lag Illuminating Facial

This face ritual 'illuminating effect" invites you to live a timeless break. After a make up removal and a gentle exfoliation, enjoy the warm and wrapping gestures of the massage. Signs of fatigue are fading away and your skin find a healthy glow.


Detoxifying Oriental Itinerary

With warm gestures, the ritual allows the body to rid itself of toxins, the skin becomes beautiful. The body is restored to a feeling of well-being as in the Oriental tradition of purification.


Energizing Amazonian Escapade

Thoughts of a humid atmosphere, of luxuriant and wild vegetation. This mysterious ritual speaks of warmth and life: invigorating, it is perfect to give new energy of a new departure and to feel happy in itself.


Relaxing Polynesian Journey

This ritual is a caress offering total pleasure which guides us towards a world free of stress and agitation. Relaxed, the body is savouring a pure relaxing moment, in an atmosphere of the perfumes of the tiare flower and coconut.


Revitalizing Atlantic Dive

The ritual is composed of a new gesture, of ingredients used to recharge the organism with minerals. The sea of the Atlantic Coast and its nutrients are interpreted in amazing and sensory formulas.